Lily Gwyn Print  

                                                                                                             Vibrant, original screenprints hand printed in Wales.
     Inspired by the landscape of Wales and the plants and flowers I find along the way and in my garden. 

   Thanks for taking the time to visit, welcome to my shop and more about what inspires my work.
I paint my designs directly onto the screen and print each colour one layer at a time. It takes a little time, but I love the bold blocks of colour and the fine detail I can get by printing this way.

I take my inspiration from the beautiful Welsh countryside, with it's rolling hills and valleys. And from my garden - there's something new every day. When you slow down and look closely, there's so much  to discover.

I love mixing and choosing the colours for my original screenprints, so I've taken the time to choose the colours for my Giclee prints just as carefully and I print them myself too.

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I studied art and have a degree in Botany, so my two passions come together in my work. I work from my studio in the garden so I'm never far from inspiration.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have about your order or delivery.

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   Lily Gwyn Print
   Llantwit Major
   Wales, UK
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